Family Offices

Streamline the Complexity of Family Wealth Management

There is an unprecedented amount of change taking place in the market and our world today. So, it is more important than ever to have the framework in place to stay connected to your strategy, protect your assets, and be nimble in decision making.

At The Zandbergen Group, we offer a wide range of family office services to streamline the lines of family office clients.

Steward, Protect and Grow Your Family Wealth

Our in-depth knowledge of the increasing complexity of managing, protecting, and growing family wealth positions us to address the many needs of your multi-generational family:

  • Protecting your family wealth through diversification and management of investment risk
  • Providing support to family members by managing financial and lifestyle requirements
  • Guiding and stewarding family wealth and philanthropic initiatives
  • Administering charitable trusts
  • Navigating generational wealth transitions within the family