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True wealth is about having a purpose and giving freely, it’s about leaving a legacy and making a difference, and it’s about time well-spent and knowing that you have lived life to the fullest. The Zandbergen Group is an exclusive wealth management firm in the Laguna Beach area specializing in serving those with significant wealth who are ready for the next step. 

You have worked hard to build your wealth, and our team of award-winning wealth advisors provides investment solutions, sophisticated advice and custom services aligned to allow you to enjoy that wealth. As a comprehensive financial advisory firm and a fiduciary  committed to transparency, honesty, and the highest level of ethics, the Zandbergen Group is dedicated to nurturing true wealth by offering holistic strategies to grow and protect your wealth, including advanced planning for tax efficiency, wealth transfer, wealth protection, and philanthropy, as well as management and coordination of your entire professional services network. We can help you connect your money to your values.

Are you making an exit plan? Have you had a sudden influx of cash or other windfall? Can we help your family handle issues around money? The Zandbergen Group is a firm experienced in ensuring that the day-to-day care of your money is aligned with your goals and values. Let’s discuss!