Who We Serve

You have worked hard to accumulate your wealth. The Zandbergen Group specializes in delivering a full range of financial services using a client-centered approach. We offer customized portfolio strategies to grow & protect your wealth and help you connect your money to your values.
You don’t have to live here in the Laguna Beach area to benefit from our services, we have many clients from beyond the Orange County Area.

You’ve worked hard to create your wealth and take care of your family. If you’re now thinking about the future and leaving a legacy to your family, you are not alone. Ensuring a lasting legacy is a high priority for many of the clients we work with.
You have created your wealth through life accomplishments, and our role is to help you protect and grow the wealth you have accumulated while creating a lifelong legacy.
Building a successful business takes heart, soul, and a lot of hard work, and guiding it through a financial exit is one of the most important steps you will make in securing your financial future. Though the outcome is exciting, the steps can be daunting.
There is an unprecedented amount of change taking place in the market and our world today. So, it is more important than ever to have the framework in place to stay connected to your strategy, protect your assets, and be nimble in decision making.
The newly wealthy often are suddenly overwhelmed with unsolicited advice, financial planning tips, and various complex emotions that stem from the sudden acquisition of wealth. Usually, this results in feelings of distrust and fear of the true motives of others, even close friends and family.
Change can be exciting, challenging, painful, and emotional. But with expert guidance and a comprehensive transition plan in place, you can conquer your goals and see the path forward through what others might consider an overwhelming time.