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How an Aerospace Engineer Became Job Optional

December 14, 2020

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Host Bart Zandbergen was joined in the virtual studio by Pam Scamardo, Founder of TPK Properties. Officially “retired”, Pam is a mother and wife who discovered the benefits of passive income after realizing she did not need to be a millionaire to begin investing in commercial real estate. An aerospace engineer by trade, having been employed by Lockheed Martin, Boeing and UTC Aerospace, Pam made a career pivot almost 10 years ago and founded her first company TPK Properties. She is passionate about helping others achieve “job optional” status through commercial real estate investing and wants to empower men and women along their journey to financial freedom.

In this episode learn:
– Why trading time for money doesn’t lead to fulfillment
– How Pam decided to pivot from her corporate career to launching her own company
– What trends Pam sees unfolding in commercial real estate in the near future
– How mentors can be impactful in growing a company and evolving as a leader

When asked what her ultimate lesson learned has been in her career, Pam shared that it all comes down to relationships. While she may be “working”, in actuality she is cultivating relationships that in essence allow her to run her company and lead her team.

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