New episode of the Zandbergen Report podcast with Letitia Berbaum and Veronica Stephens of Laura's House

Letitia Berbaum Interviews Veronica Stephens of Laura’s House

September 20, 2022

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Host Letitia Berbaum was joined in the podcast studio by Veronica Stephens who is the Education & Outreach Manager for Laura’s House. In her role, Veronica provides domestic violence education presentations and resources to non-profit agencies, first responders, corporations, working professionals and governmental agencies. Laura’s House was inspired by a true story about a woman called Laura who was a victim of domestic violence. Since its inception in 1994, Laura’s House has continued to grow and offer a multitude of programs and services which provide vital support and education aimed at avoiding such tragic circumstances from ever occurring again. For the last 28 years, Laura’s House has provided shelter and supportive services to more than 5,000 abused women, men and children and counseling, life skills education and legal advocacy to over 55,000 persons. Today, Laura’s House continues to be the only state-approved comprehensive domestic violence agency in South Orange County. Annually, Laura’s House provides residential shelter services, transitional housing, counseling and workshops, and legal services to thousands of individuals. Over 2500 crisis calls come in each year on our 24/7 Crisis Hotline: 1.866.498.1511.

In this episode learn more about:

– What the current statistics are related to domestic violence among men, women and teens
– Why preventative measures are necessary to break the cycle of domestic violence
– How teen dating domestic abuse is on the rise and why this created the need for teen-focused services
– How emotional abuse affects self-worth and how to recognize it
– What EMDR Therapy is and how it can be effective in treating trauma
– The Mankind OC Project and what support the program will include
– Different ways people can get involved to give back
– The Upcoming GALA happening October 1st, 2022 called “The Next Adventure.” This event is hosted by Laura’s House and will be taking place at the Newport Beach Country Club. Click HERE to learn more.

Learn more about Laura’s House by visiting their website: Click here to access the teen website by Laura’s House:


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